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NREL Earth Day Special Presentation

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Education Center

15013 Denver West Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.384.6565

In celebration of Earth Day the Mobile Earth+Space Observatory (MESO) and its enthusiastic scientist educators will be on-campus to provide immersive science experiences. Participants will get their hands and minds directly on authentic science concepts at the MESO vehicle, as well as in darkened tents bursting with experiences.

Using an augmented reality sandbox, visitors will create their own topography to identify and explore the concepts of watersheds. They will explore the mountains and valleys our unique headwater state, interacting with a high-quality hands-on relief map. In another tent (using diffraction glasses, gas spectrum tubes, and incandescent light) visitors will explore emitted energy and the nature of color. They'll also consider sources of visible and non-visible light along the electromagnetic spectrum, engage with infrared cameras, analyze the
relationship of light and heat, and discover materials that can and can't pass visible and infrared light. 

If the weather cooperates, MESO will have telescopes with solar filters and sun spotters to safety look at the sun and observe sunspots if visible. These are great opportunities to converse about basic astronomy, experience the use of telescopes, and view celestial objects.

Thursday, 25 April, 2019


Education Center