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Power Lunch Lecture Series: Have You Heard of the Metro Denver Green Homes Tour?

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Education Center

15013 Denver West Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.384.6565

Curious about The Metro Denver Green Homes Tour?  Join a panel discussion about its humble beginnings, its on-going work and its bright future. You’ll also get a sneak peak of some of the tools developed for homeowners by NREL.


Andy Walker


Andy Walker is a Senior Research Fellow at NREL, where he conducts engineering and economic analysis of energy projects for Federal agencies, commercial and industrial clients.  


Chuck Kutscher

Dr. Charles F. (Chuck) Kutscher is a Fellow and Senior Research Associate of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, a collaboration between the University of Colorado-Boulder and NREL.

John Avenson

John E Avenson is a retired AT&T Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies engineer. He is a member of the American Solar Energy Association, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, the Colorado Green Building Guild, and the South West USA rep for Passive-House.

Jim Smith

Jim Smith’s home and office have been on the solar tour multiple times because of their sustainable features, including: daylighting, EV charging stations and super insulation.

The Metro Denver Green Homes Tour lets you speak directly with green homeowners to learn about what they've done so you can make decisions that are best for your situation.  This year, the tour is on October 5.

NREL Education Center

15013 Denver West Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Reservations required.

Call 303-384-6565 or email to make a reservation for this free public program. Participants are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy during the presentation.

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Wednesday, 02 October, 2019


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