Artist's rendering of the courtyard view of NREL's new Research Support Facility.

NREL's buildings research is transforming energy through building science and integration. Our research significantly enhances the resiliency, efficiency, and affordability of energy systems across the United States and the world.

Our researchers are expanding the frontier of scientific knowledge that enables optimized energy use, generation, and storage in the built environment at multiple scales. Our goal is to permeate energy justice throughout the innovation research, development, demonstration, and deployment pipeline.

Whether it's understanding emerging trends or troubleshooting existing barriers, NREL collaborates with industry as it evolves, addressing real-world challenges. Our research leads the science and engineering of energy efficiency in homes, office buildings, schools, communities, and districts while supporting net-zero emissions by 2050.

NREL's Building Energy Science team focuses on early-stage research for building energy technologies, including advanced components and efficiency strategies for new buildings and retrofits.

The Residential Buildings section explores energy efficiency solutions for both new and existing homes, including whole-house performance and the interaction of building components.

The Commercial Buildings team focuses on providing industry with tools, resources, and expertise to address energy challenges.

The buildings research will leverage NREL's Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems, which is making it possible to understand the impact from the millions of new devices—such as electric vehicles, renewable generation, hydrogen, energy storage, and grid-interactive efficient buildings—that are being connected to the grid daily.

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