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This comprehensive solar technology systems analysis model supports the implementation of the program's Solar America Initiative (SAI) as well as general planning for the Solar Energy Technologies Program (SETP). Use of the SAM software – together with technology and cost benchmarking, market penetration analysis, and other relevant considerations – supports development of program priorities and direction, and the subsequent investment needed to support solar R&D activities.

But, most important, it promotes the use of a consistent methodology for analysis across all solar technologies, including financing and cost assumptions.

SAM allows users to investigate the impact of variations in physical, cost, and financial parameters to better understand their impact on key figures of merit. Figures of merit related to the cost and performance of these systems include, but aren't limited to:

The System Advisor Model uses a systems-driven approach (SDA) to establish the connection between market requirements and R&D efforts and how specific R&D improvements contribute to the overall system cost and performance. This SDA allows managers to allocate resources more efficiently.

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