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Policy Analysis

The laboratory's policy analysis evaluates policies that can advance—or provide alternatives to—renewable energy technologies in meeting national goals.

Federal Policy

NREL's federal policy team analyzes existing and proposed legislation and policy related to clean energy on a federal level. The team focuses much of its effort on pro-active analysis that is under consideration by Congress or the administration. The team provides objective information that may be helpful for policymakers and inform decision making. For more on NREL's analysis of policies such as renewable electricity standards, production tax credits, national energy plans, and more, access the federal policy page.

State and Local Policy

NREL's state and local policy team examines the effects of policy on renewable energy development and deployment at the local, state, and regional levels. For more on NREL's analysis in this key area, access the state and local policy page.

Financial Policy

NREL's financial policy team examines the effects that policy has on renewable energy project financing and development. They look at how policies such as feed-in tariffs, clean renewable energy bonds, and power purchase agreements can shape the pace and structure of financing. For more on NREL's analysis of these policies, access the financial policy page or the NREL Renewable Energy Project Finance website.

Key staff analysts

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Group Manager: Jaquelin Cochran
Administrative Support: Karla LeComte

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