Orange Button Solar Data Exchange

The new Orange Button Solar Data Exchange tool serves as an online resource for the solar industry to share, sell, or retrieve solar data and connect with colleagues.

Screenshot image of Orange Button data website home page.

The beta version includes seed data and enables users to upload datasets. Data can be stored within the system or linked—the platform can drive traffic to industry-maintained websites and databases.

NREL created the tool in partnership with Smart Electric Power Alliance, SunSpec Alliance, and kWh Analytics. NREL plans to add a complete and consistent data taxonomy, developed by SunSpec Alliance with industry input, and a data translator, developed by kWh Analytics.

Developing a consistent taxonomy for solar data and enabling an easier way to exchange data will help grow the solar industry by creating a standardized data landscape. Plus, solar bankability data will help advance transactions and access.

The Orange Button Solar Data Exchange tool supports the creation and adoption of industry-led open data standards for rapid and seamless data exchange across the solar value chain—from origination to decommissioning. Standardizing data allows for a reduction in soft costs, making it easier to share solar data and speed up processes, like financing.


Debbie Brodt-Giles