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Manufacturing Analysis

NREL provides objective, original analysis to support policymakers, industry, and others in clean energy manufacturing decisions.

Clean energy manufacturing is critical for economic growth and increased productivity, energy security, accelerating innovation in energy technologies, reducing environmental impact, and the productive use of energy resources such as fuels and feedstocks. With world-class manufacturing analysis capabilities, NREL analyzes clean energy industry trends; cost, price, and performance trends; market and policy drivers; and future outlook to identify potential opportunities and challenges to renewable energy technology manufacturing. NREL's manufacturing analysis yields insights that can support U.S. Department of Energy and industry decisions about research and development targets, investment strategies, and policy evaluation.

NREL's Jobs and Economic Analysis Framework

Capabilities framework that features the categories linked below.

NREL's manufacturing analysis illuminates potential opportunities for clean energy technology manufacturing.

Clean energy innovation analysis

Understanding the innovation dynamics of clean energy technologies can help inform research investment decisions and innovation and technology transfer policy.

Competitive advantage market analysis

Identifying the key global market drivers and opportunities within various markets can provide competitive advantage.

Jobs analysis

Studying investments in clean energy technology deployment can result in positive returns on investment and shed light on related job creation and economic output at the national, state, and community levels.

Supply constraints analysis

Understanding rare material constraints and how they could limit the scale of rare material-based photovoltaic PV technology deployment may influence the United States' manufacturing strategy.

Workforce development analysis

Solar for industrial process heat analysis

Evaluating the potential for solar technologies to power a broad range of manufacturing industrial process heat end uses.


NREL also houses the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC), a part of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA). CEMAC works with industry and academia to deliver credible, timely, reliable analyses of clean energy technology supply chains, global trade flows, and other factors that drive manufacturing strategy.