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Downloading the JEDI Models

Upon acceptance of a required User Agreement, the JEDI models are available to download. We do not share or make available any user information.

Using MS Excel 2007
To download the JEDI model, click on the Excel link below. This will open a new window. Just below the toolbar, click the "Options" button. Choose "Enable Content," and then click the JEDI Start button.

Select from below to download a model:

JEDI Wind Energy Models

  • JEDI Distributed Wind Model rel. DW12.23.16. (Excel 864 KB)
  • JEDI Land based Wind Model rel. W12.23.16. (Excel 367 KB)
  • JEDI OffShore Wind Model rel. OSW10.24.17. (Excel 5.4 MB)
  • Read before downloading

    JEDI Biofuels Models

  • JEDI Biopower Model rel. B12.23.16. (Excel 421 KB)
  • JEDI Biorefinery Sugars to Hydrocarbon Model rel. SH1.13.17. (Excel 5.1 MB)
  • JEDI Cellulosic Ethanol Model rel. CE1.13.17. (Excel 546 KB)
  • JEDI Corn Ethanol Model rel. CE12.23.16. (Excel 432 KB)
  • JEDI Fast Pyrolysis Model rel. FP12.23.16. (Excel 5.2 MB)

    JEDI Solar Models

  • JEDI CSP Trough Model rel. CSP12.23.16. (Excel 429 KB)

    JEDI Natural Gas Model

  • JEDI NGas Model rel. NG4.17.17. (Excel 384 KB)

    JEDI Coal Model

  • JEDI Coal Model rel. C12.23.16. (Excel 407 KB)

    JEDI Hydropower Model

  • JEDI CHydro Model rel.CH12.23.16. (Excel 456 KB)

    JEDI Geothermal Model

  • JEDI Geothermal Model rel. GT12.23.16. (Excel 1.0 MB)

    JEDI Marine Hydrokinetic Model

  • JEDI MHydro Model rel. MH12.23.16. (Excel 428 KB)

    JEDI Petroleum Model

  • JEDI Petroleum Model rel. P12.23.16. (Excel 5.1 MB)

    JEDI Transmission Line Model

  • JEDI Transmission Line Model rel. TL12.23.16. (Excel 480 KB)

    JEDI International

  • JEDI International 092716. (Excel 1.4 MB)

    User Guides

    Using Web-Based JEDI PV

    In addition to the benefits of utilizing the JEDI PV spreadsheet model, the online version allows a user to take the model into a more collaborative setting where model runs can be saved and shared with others in a fast and simple manner. The online JEDI PV model provides a simplified user experience that is easy to navigate and understand, with access to model runs on any internet-enabled computer.

    If you have questions, please contact

    The content of this site changes frequently. If you are having trouble with a download, empty your browser cache and try again.

    Macros must to be enabled in MS Excel for JEDI to operate correctly.

    MS Excel 2007 users: Please make sure that the security setting on your computer is not set to "High." Set the level to "Medium" or "Low" and then re-open the JEDI worksheet. You can reset to a higher level when you have finished using the JEDI model.