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About JEDI Wind Model

The Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (JEDI) Wind model allows the user to estimate economic development impacts from wind power generation projects. JEDI Wind has default information that can be used to run a generic impacts analysis assuming wind industry averages. Model users are encouraged to enter as much project-specific data as possible. User inputs specific to JEDI Wind include:

  • Construction materials and labor costs
  • Turbine, tower, blade costs, and local content information
  • Utility interconnection, engineering, land easements, and permitting costs
  • Annual operating and maintenance costs (personnel, materials, and services)
  • Tax, land lease, and financing parameters

Recent updates to JEDI Wind

Updates are made by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's JEDI team as part of the continuous effort to provide user-friendly features and current information.

Some of the model's categories have been re-labeled to reflect a more accurate description of these impacts and facilitate user interpretation of model results.

Results for jobs, earnings, and output during the construction period are now:

  • Project Development and On-site Labor (re-labeled from Direct)
  • Turbine and Supply Chain Impacts (re-labeled from Indirect)
  • Induced Impacts

Impacts during the operating periods are now:

  • On-site Labor (re-labeled from Direct)
  • Local Revenue and Supply Chain Impacts (re-labeled from Indirect)
  • Induced Impacts

Due to the new categorization, the impact results distribution may appear differently in this new model compared to old models.

A more detailed description of the revisions are available in the JEDI Wind Release Notes. Some of the documents in this section are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader

Note: The JEDI OffShore Wind Model (rel. OSW08.19.16) model contains a circular reference. Model users must set Excel calculation options to "Automatic Workbook Calculation" and "Enable iterative calculation" must be checked, for this model to work properly.

For questions regarding these updates or the JEDI Wind Energy Model generally please contact:

Download the JEDI Wind Model