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About JEDI Marine & Hydrokinetic Power Model

The Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (JEDI) Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) model allows users to estimate economic development impacts from MHK power generation projects. The basic user interface for the MHK model is the same as for all other JEDI models. Results are provided in the same format as other JEDI models allowing for straightforward comparison with other generation technology. JEDI MHK also relies on a similar set of standard user inputs. For users with little working knowledge of MHK projects, reasonable default values are provided, however, because of the relative immaturity of MHK technology the default data are only available for projects of a specific size. Consistent with the JEDI platform, the MHK model allows a high level of user flexibility and users may input their own project specific data for projects of all sizes whenever possible. For additional information on the use of the JEDI MHK model and background on the cost information utilized in the model please see the JEDI MHK User Reference Guide.

For questions regarding these updates or the JEDI Marine and Hydrokinetic Power Model generally please contact:

Download the JEDI Marine and Hydrokinetic Power (MHydro) Model