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Renewable Energy on the Grid: Redefining What's Possible

Analysis Insights: April 2015

Leveraging Our Expertise To Inform International RE Roadmaps

We're collaborating with the ministry of energy, power system operators, research institutions, and policymakers to help Mexico set and meet technically achievable renewable energy targets.

Regional and National Grid Integration Studies Consistently Show Higher Levels of Renewables Are Possible

A more flexible electric grid can achieve higher levels of renewable penetration than we have today.

Moving Toward Cleaner, More Reliable, and More Resilient Power Systems

NREL is leading a worldwide conversation about energy systems integration and spearheading innovations that optimize our entire energy system. Our energy analysis capabilities complement our science and technology work in this area. NREL works with utilities, policymakers, and investors to explore options and future impacts of today's energy choices—on grid reliability, GHG emissions, economics, and energy security. See how NREL research and analysis are redefining what's possible for renewable energy on the grid.

Computing Center Enables Faster, More Detailed Analysis

Thanks to the High Performance Computing Center in the Energy Systems Integration Facility, DOE's newest user facility at NREL, NREL is modeling the impacts of increased penetration of variable generation on grid system operations, emissions, and reliability in ways that are faster and more detailed than previously possible. The complex models supporting NREL's Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study now need just 3 days to run, down from 67.

Learn more the grid integration of renewable energy in our recent research publications.

Sharing Data, Advancing Science

Electric sector stakeholders use NREL's high-resolution wind and solar datasets to model and plan for operating power systems with more variable resources.

Wind Prospector
Solar Integration Data Sets