Open-Source Version Development

Through the Resilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resources (RiDER) project, NREL is advancing state-of-art modeling of distributed energy resources (DER) adoption with the open-source Distributed Generation Market Demand (dGen) model.

The open-source dGen model provides grid planners with access to accurate methods for forecasting future distributed solar, wind, and storage capacity and generation. NREL is pleased to provide technical assistance to industry, researchers, and other entities interested in using dGen. Learn about model access or contact the dGen modeling team at for more information on how NREL can support using dGen in DER studies. 

Resilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resources Project

The RiDER project has made the improved dGen model available to all interested users, including:

  • Electric utilities
  • Project developers
  • Academic researchers
  • Transmission and distribution companies
  • Load-serving entities
  • Independent generators
  • Energy traders
  • Anyone interested in forecasting DER adoption.


RiDER project partners include all seven of the U.S. independent system operators/regional transmission organizations (ISO/RTOs), including:

  • California ISO (Folsom, California)
  • Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Austin, Texas)
  • ISO New England (Holyoke, Massachusetts)
  • Midcontinent Independent System Operator (Carmel, Indiana)
  • New York Independent System Operator (Rensselaer, New York)
  • PJM (Valley Forge, Pennsylvania)
  • Southwest Power Pool (Little Rock, Arkansas).

The support and participation of all seven ISOs indicates the widescale need for improving DER adoption forecasting.


RiDER project objectives include:

  • Developing an open-source version of NREL's dGen model and promoting its usage (completed October 2020)
  • Working with ISO/RTO partners to develop DER adoption projections to improve DER visibility (ongoing with all milestones completed)
  • Advancing the state-of-art in modeling DER adoption in the power systems community (ongoing).

Development and Project Schedule

The RiDER project is expected to be completed in fall of 2021.

Step Task Planned Completion Date
1. Establish and engage the stakeholder technical review committee Ongoing (four meetings hosted to date)
2. Develop county-level baseline adoption forecasts by independent system operators/regional transmission organizations (ISO/RTOs) Completed (in review)
3. Improve representation of customer decision-making in dGen Ongoing
4. Improve load representation in dGen Ongoing
5. Release dGen code and data Completed
6. Develop a web application for non-technical users Completed
7. Provide technical assistance to increase model uptake 2021
8. Develop final adoption forecasts and stakeholder capacity building. 2021