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2019 Colorado High School Science Bowl - Video Text Version

Below is the text version of the video 2019 Colorado High School Science Bowl.

The video opens with a young man standing by the Colorado High School Science Bowl banner and he has a medal around his neck.

Off Screen Voice: Okay, Larry, please spell your first and last name.

Larry: L-A-R-R – Oh my Gosh.

Off Screen Voice: It’s okay you just won the science bowl; we can give you that question.

Music begins playing and it cuts to a group of high schoolers in competition at the High School Science Bowl. Text appears on screen:

We’ve all imagined what it might be like to be a contestant on Jeopardy!

Cuts to two moderators at the high school science bowl reading a question.  Text appears on screen:

The anxiety, the sweaty palms, the elation… the ultimate claim to fame.

Cuts to a group of students looking at the score monitor during the science bowl. Text appears on screen:

36 teams from across the state got a taste of that experience at the 29th Colorado HS Science Bowl.

Video cuts to a group of three teens, in lab coats

Girl in middle: I don’t really remember this many people last year, but it has just been a really cool time.

Video cuts to a pair of hands on a buzzer system. Text appears on screen:

Each team was comprised of four students (and one alternate), squaring off to answer quick-fire questions

Video cuts to high school kids writing down question, text on screen:

On topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, energy, and math

Video cuts to girl being interviewed

Girl 1: It has been really great to just work with each other throughout this year and get to know each other. We now have a lot of insides jokes and we all carpooled here today, and it is great to have that bond that we have here now.

Video cuts to high school kids competing. Text appears on screen:

The excitement was palpable as the teams were gradually whittled down throughout the day.

Video cuts to picture of winning team holding national science bowl banner, behind them is the Colorado High School Science Bowl logo. Text appears on screen:

The winner of the 2019 Colorado HS Science Bowl was Fort Collins High School, their third championship in a row.

Video cuts to interviewing one team member from Fort Collins High School:

Boy 1: well we came in, and there were some rough early rounds as we were getting into our rhythm, but after we got all working together; we started cruising and finished off the day strong.

Video cuts to Fort Collins team playing an earlier round of the HSSB. Text appears on screen:

The team will go on to compete in the National Science Bowel in Washington, D.C.

Video cuts to picture of the HSSB trophy. Text appears on screen:

Created in 1991 by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Bowl has provided a competitive arena for nearly 300,000 students.

Video cuts to a picture of a score sheet from a round at the HSSB bowl. Text appears on screen:

DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory once again served as the coordinator for the statewide event,

Video cuts to a team competing in a round at the HSSB. Text appears on screen:

Further demonstrating their commitment to the next generation of scientist and engineers.

Video cuts to a young man wearing a lab coat being interviewed.

Boy 2: I want to share that this is a cool STEM opportunity for people who are looking to major in future STEM careers.

Video cuts to different boy in lab coat

Boy 3: STEM is definitely the future!

Video cuts to all the two boys and girl in lab coat.

Together: We are the future of STEM!

Video cuts to video of the semi-finals at the HSSB. Text appears on screen:

Learn more about NREL’s educational opportunities at

Video cuts to two boys attempting to high five, but they miss. The video fades out to a black screen.