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Robert Leland — Associate Lab Director, Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis

A photo of Robert Leland.

Robert Leland leads NREL's capabilities in high-performance computing, computational science, applied mathematics, visualization, data, and analysis of energy systems, technologies, policies, resources, and markets.

Formerly Vice President of Science and Technology and Chief Technology Officer of Sandia National Laboratories, Leland is the first associate lab director for NREL's Scientific Computing and Energy Analysis directorate.

Leland earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Oxford University in 1989. He joined Sandia the following year and co-authored Chaco, a software toolkit used to optimize the performance of supercomputers. With the exception of two notable postings in Washington, D.C., Leland has spent his career at Sandia. He was chosen to be a White House fellow in the 1995 and served as a key adviser in the effort to modernize the IT infrastructure and business practices at the Internal Revenue Service. He returned to the White House in 2014 to lead the development of the National Strategic Computing Initiative, a new national vision, strategy, and roadmap for high-performance computing.

Leland also holds a master's degree from Oxford in mathematical modeling and numerical analysis, and a bachelor's degree from Michigan State University in electrical engineering and systems science.