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Integrated Energy Pathways

Integrated energy pathways is one of three critical objectives central to achieving NREL's vision.

A power sector free of carbon emissions in the near term will require tremendous advancement in:

  • Developing clean energy technologies
  • Integrating clean energy technologies into the grid
  • Electrifying transportation systems
  • Using smart building technologies
  • Maintaining system security and resilience against human and natural threats.

These advancements will involve millions of interconnected devices, multiple types of generation sources, more variable loads, and increased operational autonomy across all devices.

Integrated energy pathways modernizes our grid to support a high level of renewable energy integration, incorporates storage and advanced controls, and expands transportation electrification while maintaining grid reliability and security. Research, development, analysis, and deployment will enable and accelerate progress toward a carbon emissions-free power sector.

Achieving Our Vision

NREL has a comprehensive plan to get us from the grid of today to the grid of tomorrow and is uniquely positioned to take on this challenge to research, develop, and validate system-level solutions. Here are some of the research areas shaping how we approach energy systems integration.

Transforming Energy Through Partnerships

Working with industry, government, research, and nonprofit partners, we can achieve our vision of a clean energy future for the world far faster and more efficiently than working on them alone. NREL is committed to ensuring our research gets to market—where it can improve everyday life and strengthen our economy. Learn more about working with NREL.