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Working with Us

NREL works with industry in a public-private contracting environment to research, design, and build advanced wind energy technologies. We have an outstanding performance record for working with the wind industry to advance wind turbine science and lower the cost of wind-generated electricity. Companies partner with NREL when they have particular design challenges, when they wish to cost-share development of state-of-the-art wind turbines, and when they want to document their turbine's performance for certification.

Flexibility is the key to government-industry collaborations at the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), where companies get the support they need and can take full advantage of the center's capabilities. Some companies provide their own engineering expertise and only require access to facilities. Other firms have NREL engineers conduct tests on equipment, then report on the results. The center's services are individually tailored to meet industry needs.

We are dedicated to making our equipment and facilities readily accessible to industry in a manner that is both convenient and affordable. These efforts support the U.S. Department of Energy's goal of ensuring that federally sponsored technology development reaches the marketplace. By encouraging industry's efforts to develop better wind turbines, NREL is helping to create a stronger domestic economy and new jobs in the wind industry. NREL is helping to boost our domestic economy by creating new jobs at NREL and helping the wind industry generate jobs.

Developing Technology Partnerships

NREL offers a variety of technology partnership agreements to help you gain access to our research expertise in wind technology. There are a variety of ways for your organization to get involved with NREL's wind research activities:

  • Work collaboratively with us on a wind research project through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

  • Pay NREL to conduct research without your collaboration through Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) or sponsored research, such as an Analytical Services Agreement. These options are effective ways for industry to make good use of the National Wind Technology Center's expertise and unique research facilities.

  • Submit a proposal in response to any active solicitation for assisting NREL with a wind R&D activity.

  • Work with NREL researchers through mentored research internships and fellowships (Director's fellowship link) for undergraduate and graduate students.

Do you have questions about current partnerships? Contact David Simms at 303-384-6942.

Licensing Our Technology

Your company can license any available patented wind technology. For more information, see a list of wind energy technologies available for licensing.

Using Our Facilities

To help advance research and help the wind industry with product evaluation and development, the NWTC's facilities are available for collaborative research. This also allows access to our experienced research staff. Learn more about our capabilities and facilities.

Got Inventions?

NREL's role as a national laboratory generally precludes us from evaluating or developing outside inventions. Inventors usually must pay an appropriate consultant in the field. Inventors can search the U.S. Patent Office Web site to see if anyone has already patented something similar.