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Workshop Presentations

Presentations for the Small Wind Workshop hosted by NREL in 2008 focused on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for testing wind turbines, how to apply them to small wind turbines, the formation of the American Wind Energy Association standard, the purpose of the Small Wind Certification Council, the need for increased independent testers (aka Regional Test Centers), and how NREL's NWTC can support those Regional Test Centers.

  1. Duration Testing
  2. Certifying Small Wind Turbines an SWCC Update
  3. Interconnection for Distributed Wind Turbines
  4. Small Wind Acoustic Testing
  5. AWEA Standard Update
  6. NREL's Small Turbine Testing Program
  7. Power Performance Testing
  8. Independent Testing of Small Wind Turbines at NREL
  9. Guidelines for SWT Test Sites
  10. Test Site: Selection, Development, and Assessment
  11. Design Data Testing
  12. Safety and Function Testing
  13. Turbine Problems