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Field Verification Project

The mission of the Field Verification Project (FVP) was to enable U.S. industry to complete the research, testing, and field verification needed to fully develop advanced wind energy technologies that lead the world in cost-effectiveness and reliability. The project, completed in 2003, included cost-shared research with industry partners to lead to the development of advanced technology wind turbines and support for projects that verify performance of wind turbine technologies in actual operational applications. FVP provided small wind turbine (<=100 kW) manufacturers with opportunities to operate and monitor their turbines under a range of distributed power applications and environments throughout the United States. This experience helped U.S. companies validate and improve the performance and reliability of their wind turbine technology while expanding regional experience with wind energy technologies.

The FVP objectives were to:

  • Provide U.S. manufacturers with opportunities to verify performance and reliability of their small wind turbines.

  • Evaluate the applicability and effectiveness of small wind turbines that serve a range of distributed power needs in various U.S. regions under diverse ownership and operating scenarios.

In 1999, under a competitive procurement, the U.S. Department of Energy's Golden Field Office established the FVP by selecting six recipients. One project was discontinued at the recipient's request. Five projects encompassing 13 host sites with a range of distributed power applications were funded. Recipients were required to perform two project components using small wind turbines that are manufactured in the United States and marketed in domestic and/or foreign markets:

  • Purchase, install, and test a small wind turbine at NREL's National Wind Technology Center (NTWC) for safety, performance, noise, and duration.

  • After the successful completion of the testing at the NWTC, conduct extended reliability tests at a host site location(s) under various applications.

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