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Research Staff

Here you will find contact information for NREL's research and support staff at the National Wind Technology Center. To learn more about us and our expertise, view our organizational charts and read the staff's biographies.

Below is a listing of the research and support staff at the National Wind Technology Center. View organizational charts.

Wind Laboratory Program Manager

Dave Corbus

Program Integration, Wind and Water Power Program

Gene Holland
Albert LiVecchi
Dana Scholbrock
Teresa Robinson

Director, National Wind Technology Center

Brian Smith, Acting Center Director
Shelley Neiman
Kim Domenico

Research Fellow

Bob Thresher

Chief Engineer

Paul Veers, Chief Engineer – Wind
Jochem Weber, Chief Engineer – Water

Wind Technology Research and Development

Derek Petch

Wind Innovation & Reliability

Jason Cotrell, Supervisor
Beverly Cisneros
Palmer Carlin
Lee Jay Fingersh
Paul Fleming
Yi Guo
Kathryn Johnson, Joint Appointee CSM
Bonnie Jonkman
Jon Keller
Lucy Pao, Contractor
Robert Preus
Andrew Scholbrock
Shuangwen Sheng
Alan Wright

Turbing Modeling & Resource

Pat Moriarty, Supervisor
Matt Churchfield
Andy Clifton
Rick Damiani
Caroline Draxl
Sarah Fairchild
Michael (Jason) Fields
Gegory Hayman
Jason Jonkman
Sang Lee
Julie Lundquist, Joint Appointee CU
Andrew Platt
Scott Schreck
George Scott
Qi Wang

Students, Post-Docs

Srinivas Guntur
Eliot Quon

Testing and Operations

Dave Simms, Group Manager
Briesa St. Martin
Cynthia Szydlek

Site Operations

Scott Wilde, Supervisor
Don Baker
Troy Boro
Bill Gage
Rob Goldhor, Contractor
Jerry Hur
Dave Jager
Mike Jenks
Garth Johnson
Mark Murphy
Simon Thao
Rob Goldhor, Contractor

Test Methods, R&D

Scott Hughes, Supervisor
Ryan Beach, Contractor
Michael Desmond
Scott Lambert, Contractor
David Snowberg
Jeroen van Dam

Test Projects & Partnerships

Arlinda Huskey, Supervisor
Jim Green
Mark McDade
Ismael Mendoza
Eric Nelson
Scott Dana, Contractor
Jason Roadman, Contractor
Robb Wallen

Massachusetts Blade Test Facility

Derek Berry, Supervisor
Nathan Post

Offshore Wind

Walt Musial, Supervisor
Arielle Cardinal
Frederick (Rick) Driscoll
Amy Robertson
Chad Hotimsky
Sam Rooney
Senu Sirnivas
Aaron Smith
Fabian Wendt
Student, Post Doc
Braulio Garzon

Transmission and Grid Integration

Barbara O'Neill, Group Manager, Transmission and Grid Integration
Kara Clark
Eric Ela
Vahan Gevorgian
Bri-Mathias Hodge
Eduardo Ibanez
Michael Milligan
Ed Muljadi
Mohit Singh
Alicia Allen
Yih-Huei Wan

Market Transformation

Suzanne Tegen, Supervisor
Ian Baring-Gould, Technology Deployment Manager
Ruth Baranowski, Contractor
Corrie Christol
Tessa Greco
Mark Jacobson
Tony Jimenez
Julie Jones
Frank Oteri, Contractor
Zachary Parker
Joseph (Owen) Roberts
Robi Robichaud
Karin Sinclair

Strategic Energy Analysis

Aaron Bloom
Katherine Dykes
Maureen Hand
Eric Lantz
Ben Maples
Chris Mone
Tyler Stehly

Wind and Water Power Program Support

Client Services

Rodd Hamann
Mic Stemel


Alexsandra Lemke, Team Lead
Sheri Anstedt
Kathleen O'Dell
Kelly Yaker


Vicki Marquette – Wind
Kristin Clary – Water


Jennifer Abbott

Site Operations

Don Baker
Tim Johansson
Adu-Darko MacGordon
Peter McMillin

Environment, Health, and Safety

Jim Ringwall