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Research and Development

A crew of researchers gather around a wind turbine site as they prepared to assemble and test a new turbine.

Photo by Dennis Schroeder

NREL has pioneered many of the components and systems that have taken wind energy technologies to the next level. The lab currently holds 20 patents for wind technologies and has received numerous awards recognizing the National Wind Technology Center's (NWTC's) innovation and excellent performance. Through our expertise and one-of-a-kind assets, the research and development performed through the NWTC has become a guiding force in helping its industry partners advance their technologies from the initial concept to testing and beyond.

With the NWTC, partners can:

  • Test wind and water power components and systems to improve design and reduce risk
  • Utilize in-depth economic analyses to better understand economic drivers
  • Employ high-performance simulation tools to produce realistic models of wind and water power technologies in complex environments
  • Analyze turbine connectivity with the utility grid to increase the amount of variable generation
  • Collaborate with experts to develop innovative technologies and accelerate time to market.