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National Wind Technology Center Blade Testing Video (Text Version)

Below is the text version for the National Wind Technology Center Blade Testing Video.

The video opens with the NREL and NWTC logos, surrounded by black screen and including the title: "NWTC Test Facility Introduction, Dr. Fort Felker, Director of the National Wind Technology Center, TRT 1:42, May 29, 2013."

Fort Felker is in a yellow helmet and vest, standing in the NWTC's testing facility. There is a railing to his left, construction cones behind him, and a ladder to his right.

Fort Felker: "I'm Fort Felker, I'm the director at the Department of Energy's National Wind Technology Center."

Fort's name and title cut in on the right.

Fort walks toward the camera while talking.

Fort Felker: "Here at the NWTC, we have been conducting structural testing of wind turbine rotor blades for over 30 years." (Fort gestures above his head). "Over that time, there have been a number of trends, the blades have continued to get larger and larger and larger, you see here a 50-meter blade" (A turbine blade is shown above Fort as he gestures to it). "…that's being used on multimegawatt wind turbines. As time has gone on, the blades have increased in size, the challenge is testing them efficiently and accurately, as they have grown and grown."

The image cuts to a technician wearing a helmet and safety vest and who is crouching over as he stands on top of the blade that will be tested. He is adjusting wires that are attached to the blade.

Fort Felker: "Here at the NWTC, we have pioneered many new testing techniques to improve the fidelity and reduce the cost and time for structural testing. This structural testing is key to ensuring the long-term reliability of the wind turbine blades." As Fort talks, the camera stays on the technician but continues to pull back so the full blade is in view.

The image cuts back to Fort, who is now underneath the blade that is set up for testing.

Fort Felker: "At the NWTC, we continue to develop the next generation of blade testing techniques that will improve the fidelity and reduce the cost of this sort of blade structural testing. The test that's underway here (gestures with his left hand to the blade above him) is demonstrating a new dual-axis resonant testing technique that simultaneously tests the blade both in the flapwise (Fort moves his hand up and down; image then cuts to the blade in motion, going up and down and then side to side) direction and the edgewise direction.

Fort continues to talk while the blade continues to go up and down and side to side.

Fort Felker: "This not only increases the fidelity of the testing, makes it more representative of real-world conditions, but also reduces the time and cost to complete a test."

Image cuts back to Fort.

Fort Felker: "The blade testing technologies that have been developed at the National Wind Technology Center have been very influential and valuable in the broader wind community. A number of our testing techniques have been patented, and are now licensed and in use at blade testing facilities around the world. We believe in this sort of collaboration and we welcome additional partnerships as we develop the next generation of testing technologies at our unique facilities."

Image cuts to Fort walking off camera and fades into the NREL logo. Informational text pops up stating: "For More Information:"