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Midsize Wind Turbine Research

To facilitate the development and commercialization of midsize wind turbines (turbines with a capacity rating of more than 100 kW up to 1 MW), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and NREL launched the Midsize Wind Turbine Development Project.

In its latest study, NREL determined that there is a substantial market for midsize wind turbines. One of the most significant barriers to the midsize turbine market is the lack of turbines available for deployment; there are few midsize turbines on the market today.

The objectives of the Midsize Wind Turbine Development Project are to reduce the barriers to wind energy expansion by filling an existing domestic technology gap; facilitate partnerships; accelerate maturation of existing U.S. wind energy businesses; and incorporate process improvement methodologies.

Photo of a three-bladed wind turbine.

NREL worked with Northern Power Systems to redesign its 100-kW wind turbine.

Facilitate Partnerships

NREL will help DOE facilitate partnerships between wind turbine designers and U.S. manufacturers to redesign turbines to improve product quality, reduce design-cycle time, and develop efficient manufacturing processes.

Accelerate Maturation of U.S. Wind Energy Businesses

DOE and NREL will help accelerate the maturation of existing U.S. wind energy businesses by supporting engineering and manufacturing capabilities that produce more reliable wind turbines that are easier to maintain.

More Information

Read more about NREL's analysis of the economic potential for midsize wind turbines and the applications for midsize wind turbines in these two reports.