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Working with the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative

Learn more about how you can work with the Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC).

Participation in Gearbox Modeling and Testing

In contrast to similar efforts by private entities in the wind energy industry, the GRC shares non-proprietary testing and modeling and condition monitoring data and documentation with industry and research partners. Collaborative members share their research results to increase knowledge and facilitate improvements in wind turbine gearbox reliability. No monetary contribution is necessary to become a partner. Our partners:

  • Agree to contribute to the GRC by providing modeling results and constructive feedback
  • Agree not to distribute the provided GRC data outside their organization
  • Agree to inform NREL of their intent to publish results from GRC data, and consider NREL suggestions prior to final publication.

Contribution to Condition Monitoring

The GRC actively seeks industry partners to contribute condition monitoring equipment for use in the test program and makes selected test data available to collaborative partners. Such collaboration requires the establishment of a no-funds exchanged Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Proprietary data is protected.

Contribution to the Failure Database

The GRC actively seeks industry partners to contribute to the failure database. Failure database software is available to collaborative partners under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). No monetary contribution is required to receive the failure database software. The GRC requires those contributing to the failure database to establish an NDA with NREL. Members of the collaborative have access to summary reports and statistics across the entire database. Proprietary data from individual contributors is protected.

For information on becoming a GRC partner and modeling and testing data, contact Jonathan Keller. For information on operations and maintenance research, the failure database or condition monitoring data, contact Shawn Sheng.