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Gearbox Reliability Collaborative All Members Meeting

The Gearbox Reliability Collaborative (GRC) All Members Meeting was held on February 10–12, 2014. The meeting covered advancements made across the NREL GRC project and the latest industry updates on gearbox reliability and operations and maintenance practices. The presentations covered gearbox design updates, gearbox testing updates, experimental data analysis, and operations and maintenance research.


Monday, February 10

Time Presenter Organization Presentation
8:30 Mike Derby DOE Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) Initiative Overview
NREL Activities Session
9:00 Carsten Westergaard
Jon Keller
Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) Wind Plant Reliability
  Brian McNiff MLI Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Gearbox 2, Phase 3 : High Speed Shaft Instrumentation and Calibration
  Jon Keller NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Dynamometer Testing Status and Plans
  Yi Guo NREL Gear Spline Coupling Program "Gear SCouP"
  Chris Halse Romax Technology Gearbox 3 Final Design and Instrumentation
Industry Presentation Session
1:00 Brent Reardon Siemens AGMA Wind Turbine Gearbox Committee Update
  Roger Bergua Alstom Pure Torque Drivetrain Design
  John Murphy GE Gear Failure or Run-in? A Borescope Perspective
  Ryan Schkoda Clemson HALT Strategy at Clemson University's Drivetrain Testing Facility
  Ashley Crowther Romax Technology Turbine Re-rating Methodology
  Rob Budny RBB Engineering Wind Turbine Bearing Reliability Issues
  Thomas Bruce U Sheffield Gearbox Bearing Loading during Transient Events

Tuesday, February 11

Time Presenter Organization Presentation
Bearing Axial Cracks and White Etching Area Session
8:30 Aaron Greco Argonne National Laboratory Bearing Reliability-White Etching Cracks (WEC)
  Robert Errichello GEARTECH Investigations of Bearing Failures Associated with White Etching Areas (irWEAs) in Wind Turbine Gearboxes
  Walter Holweger Schaeffler Progresses in solving White etching crack phenoma
  Kenred Stadler SKF Premature wind gearbox bearing failures '&' (not 'by') white etching cracks (WEC)
  Scott Hyde Timken Importance of Microstructural Characterization and Modeling
  Ling Wang University of Southampton White Etching Crack (WEC) investigation at nCATSg
Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Research Session
1:00 Shawn Sheng NREL Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Research Update
  Hui Long U Sheffield Risk Assessment of WT Gear Micropitting under Variable Torque and Speed Conditions
  Jan Helsen OWI-Lab/KU Leuven Ongoing monitoring and measurement campaigns at Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI-Lab)
  Jack Poley Kittiwake Tier 1: Online ISFA (In-Service Fluid Analysis)
  Zongchang Liu U Cincinnati Wind Turbine Prognostics: Drivetrain Condition Assessment for Offshore Wind Turbines
O&M Panel Discussion
  Matt Conwell
Scott Eatherton
Adam Johs
Greg Smith
Bill Herguth
NextEra Energy
SGS Herguth
Invenergy O&M Discussion

EDPR O&M Discussion

Wednesday, February 12

Time Presenter Organization Presentation
Gearbox Inspection and Failure Analysis Session
8:30 Robert Errichello
Jane Muller
GEARTECH Subsurface initiated failures