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Field Test Sites

Aerial view of the National Wind Technology Center with the Flatiron Mountains in the background

NREL's NWTC has numerous test pads available to industry partners for testing wind turbines that range in size from a few hundred kilowatts to several megawatts.
PIX 17711.

Manufacturers can take advantage of NREL's numerous test pads and the technical expertise of its staff to field test prototypes of small and large wind turbines. Many of the small wind turbines tested at the NWTC are participants in NREL's Small Wind Turbine Independent Test Program. Small and mid-sized turbines field tested at the NWTC include those manufactured by Atlantic Orient Corporation, Bergey Windpower, Southwest Wind Power, Northern Power Systems, Endurance Wind Power Inc., Gaia-Wind Ltd., Entegrity Wind Systems Inc., Abundant Renewable Energy, and Global Energy Concepts (formerly Advanced Wind Turbines). Utility-scale turbines tested at the NWTC include those manufactured by Siemens, GE, Gamesa, and Alstom.

For more information, contact: David Simms, 303-384-6942.