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Design Review and Analysis

Illustration of a gearbox.

We analyze gearbox designs to improve reliability.

NREL researchers provide industry partners with design reviews and analyses, technical assistance, and parallel research.

Design review and analysis ensures that products resulting from advances in R&D are developed in a logical and safe manner, and are in compliance with the applicable international certification standards. Detailed analysis helps to reduce the risk of development and ensures market acceptance for utility-scale, midsize, and distributed (small) wind energy technologies.

In addition to design reviews, NREL also offers technical assistance to solve specific technical problems and conducts parallel research to provide a foundation for the increasingly complex engineering reviews and analyses needed in highly advanced turbine configurations. NREL's wind energy research and development efforts at the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) have contributed to numerous successes for the wind industry. In addition to helping its industry partners develop commercially successful wind turbines, NREL has developed award-winning components and modeling software.

High above the ground, two men check components on the nacelle of the DOE 1.5 MW research turbine at the NWTC.

NWTC performs structural analysis on every component of a wind turbine.

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