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This page highlights the models and tools used for vehicle systems analysis at NREL and provides information about our national laboratory partners.

Models and Tools

Vehicle systems analysts at NREL use these models and tools to evaluate advanced vehicle technologies.

Provides rapid analysis of the performance and fuel economy of conventional and advanced, light- and heavy-duty vehicle models as well as hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicle models.

Simulation tool for evaluating the impact of technology improvements on vehicle efficiency, performance, cost, and battery life in conventional vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and all-electric vehicles.

Allows researchers and analysts to evaluate various vehicle and fuel combinations on a full fuel-cycle basis.
From Argonne National Laboratory

MATLAB and Simulink
Provide a technical computing environment and graphical tools for simulation and model-based design.
From Mathworks

Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT)
Simulates fuel economy and performance in a realistic manner, taking into account transient behavior and control-system characteristics.
From Argonne National Laboratory

Extends Simulink with tools for modeling and simulating the mechanics of driveline (drivetrain) systems.
From MathWorks

Consists of two Excel workbooks: a base case of U.S. highway fuel use and carbon emissions to 2050, and a copy of the base case that can be modified to reflect alternative assumptions about advanced vehicle and alternative fuel market penetration.
From Argonne National Laboratory

National Laboratories

NREL's Vehicle Systems Analysis Team collaborates with other U.S. Department of Energy laboratories.