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Smith and Navistar Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Photo of medium-duty all-electric vehicle operated by Coca-Cola.

NREL is collecting and analyzing performance data on electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles operated by a variety of companies in diverse climates across the nation.
Photo courtesy of Smith Electric Vehicles, NREL 22848

NREL's Fleet Test and Evaluation Team conducts performance evaluations of electric and plug-in hybrid electric drive systems in medium-duty trucks operating in fleet service across the nation.

U.S. companies agreeing to participate in this evaluation project received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to cover part of the purchase cost of the vehicles. These ARRA-funded vehicle deployment efforts are designed to help commercialize electric vehicles and the electric charging infrastructure.

Smith Electric Vehicles is building and deploying 500 trucks from its Kansas City, Missouri, manufacturing plant. Navistar is building and deploying 100 trucks from its Wakarusa, Indiana, manufacturing plant.


NREL publishes unbiased technical reports about the performance of these vehicles.

Smith Newton Vehicle Performance Evaluations (Gen 2)

Smith Newton Vehicle Performance Evaluations (Gen 1)

Navistar eStar Vehicle Performance Evaluations

Refer to the Data Collection and Reporting presentation for project highlights and information about NREL's data collection and reporting methods.

More Information

Visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center to learn more about the deployment of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, including an interactive U.S. map of transportation electrification projects.