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ABC-150 Bi-directional Battery/Ultracapacitors Cycler

Photo of a battery cycler.

ABC-150 bi-directional battery cycler.

The ABC-150 Power Processing System is powerful and versatile enough to perform HEV, EV and FCV tests. Dual channels provide the ability to perform two tests simultaneously; bi-directional capability allows clean AC power to be sent back to the utility grid. This eliminates the need for resistive load banks and associated cooling equipment.

The ABC-150 tests integrated drive trains and subsystems. It can cycle test motors, inverters, and energy storage components, and can simulate energy storage systems in the vehicle, such as the battery, flywheel, drivemotor/inverter, auxiliary power unit, or fuel cell. The flexibility of the system allows a constant direct-current bus (infinite battery source) or real battery behavior to be simulated. The behavior (battery impedance) of the simulated battery can be a function of battery type, load, SOC, ambient temperature, age, recent history, or any number of other parameters. The ABC-150 can measure voltage to within ± 250 mV and current within ± 200 mA. Additional instrumentation has been added to the ABC-150 to measure voltage and current with accuracies of ± 1 mV and ± 50 mA, respectively.

Hardware specifications for the ABC-150
Maximum power120 kW
Maximum voltage range

8-420 VDC

Maximum current range± 530 ADC
Operating environment temperature32-95°F, 0-35°C (higher temps at lower power)
Operating environment humidity0%-90% noncondensing