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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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NREL helps industry partners develop the next generation of energy efficient, high performance vehicles and fuels.

NREL's transportation research spans from the materials to the systems level.

NREL conducts research on the full range of vehicle types, from light-duty passenger cars to heavy-duty freight trucks.

NREL's credible transportation research is grounded in real-world data.

NREL's integrated approach links automotive technology advances to the full spectrum of renewable energy solutions.

NREL researchers examine infrastructure, market conditions and driver behavior, as well as fuels and vehicles.

NREL helps put fuel-efficient, low-emission cars and trucks on the road through research and innovation in electric vehicle, biofuel, and conventional automotive technologies. Researchers collaborate with industry partners to design better batteries, drivetrains, and alternative fuels, as well as thermal management, energy storage, combustion, and emissions systems for passenger and freight vehicles.

R&D teams focused on vehicle systems, fuels performance, and operational testing and analysis simulate and evaluate real-world scenarios to assess the benefits and challenges of deploying alternative transportation technologies at large scales. Findings make it possible to develop solutions compatible with vehicle technology and fueling infrastructure, while addressing regulatory and commercial barriers.

NREL's vehicles and fuels research supports these U.S. Department of Energy offices and services:

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