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Working with Us

Partnering with industry, government, and universities is key to developing affordable energy storage technology and moving it into the marketplace and the U.S. economy. In collaboration with our diverse partners, NREL uses thermal management and modeling and analysis from a vehicle systems perspective to improve energy storage devices.

NREL's Partnering Agreements

Work collaboratively with NREL through a variety of Technology Partnership Agreements. We can help you select the most appropriate agreement for your research project.

Gain access to NREL's expertise and specialized research facilities through an Analytical Services Agreement.

NREL's patented transportation technologies are available for commercialization, and NREL's vehicles and fuels research facilities—including the Energy Storage Laboratory—are available to industrial, university, and government researchers.

Licensing Our Technology

A number of advanced vehicle and fuels technologies have been patented and recorded, and are available for licensing. For details, see the Vehicles and Fuels Research Working with Us page.

Contact Us

For more information on NREL's:

  • Overall vehicle energy storage activities, contact Ahmad Pesaran, 303-275-4441.
  • Energy storage thermal management activities, contact Matthew Keyser, 303-275-3876.
  • MSMD and CAEBAT activities, contact Ahmad Pesaran, 303-275-4441.
  • Energy storage lifespan modeling and control algorithm activities, contact Kandler Smith, 303-275-4423.
  • Safety modeling activities, contact Shriram Santhanagopalan, 303-275-3944.
  • Battery ownership and second-use activities, contact Jeremy Neubauer, 303-275-3084.
  • Energy storage material research activities, contact Chunmei Ban, 303-384-6504, or Robert Tenent, 303-384-6775.