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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Success Stories

We'd like to share our stories about innovation, industry partnerships, and the path towards commercializing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies developed at NREL.

Materials Exposure Testing Market Expands with Ultra-Accelerated Weathering System

The Ultra-Accelerated Weathering System will change the weathering industry. A partnership with Atlas, one of the leader's in materials exposure testing, will take NREL's technology to industry. Watch the video.

NREL and SkyFuel Partnership Reflects Bright Future for Solar Energy

For the next generation of parabolic troughs, NREL Principal Scientist Gary Jorgensen and SkyFuel Chief Technology Officer Randy Gee have developed a lower-cost, more durable solution to glass mirrors. Watch the video.

The Quest for Inexpensive Silicon Solar Cells

NREL scientists Howard Branz and Chaz Teplin have joined forces with the Ampulse Corporation and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to create a less expensive alternative to wafer crystalline silicon solar cells. They're combining a metal foil technology from ORNL with NREL's hot-wire chemical vapor deposition technology. Together, these two technologies may revolutionize photovoltaics. Full story and video