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22nd Industry Growth Forum Presentations

Here you'll find presentations from NREL's 22nd Industry Growth Forum on Nov. 3–5, 2009, in Denver, Colo. Presentations include those from the:

Note: if a presentation isn't listed below, NREL hasn't received permission to post it, or the presenter doesn't want it posted.

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

For more information about the Forum, including its presenting companies, speakers, panels, sessions, and more, read the:

Forum Co-Chairs

The Industry Growth Forum Co-Chairs, L. Marty Murphy and Tod Perry, introduced attendees to the Forum's purpose and each day's events.

22nd NREL Industry Growth Forum Opening Remarks - Day 1

Presenter: L. Marty Murphy, NREL

22nd NREL Industry Growth Forum Opening Remarks - Day 2

Presenter: Tod Perry, NREL

Clean Energy Opportunity Forum: Creating the New Energy Economy - Day 3

Presenter: L. Marty Murphy, NREL

Presenting Companies

The following clean energy companies were competitively selected to present their business cases to a panel of investors and industry experts. In turn, the panels provided them with intensive feedback on their presentations.

Amprius, Inc.

Technology: Energy storage - lithium ion batteries
Presenter: Ryan Kottenstette, Director of Business Development
Presentation: Breakthrough Materials for Energy Storage

Beacon Power Corporation

Technology: Energy storage - flywheel
Presenter:  F. (Bill) William Capp, President and CEO
Presentation: Beacon Power Corporation

Coolerado Corporation

Technology: Cooling — heat exchanger
Presenter: Mike Luby, President and CEO
Presentation: The Greenest Way to Stay Cool

Green Pacific Biologicals

Technology: Biofuels and bioenergy
Presenter:  Leandro Vetcher, President
Presentation: Seed-Stage Algae-to-Biofuels Start-Up


Technology: Buildings - off-grid portable shelters
Presenter: Arthur Zwern, President
Presentation: Weapons of Mass Construction — Portable Homes to Enable Net Zero Lives

Hydrovolts, Inc.

Technology: Hydropower
Presenter: W. Burt Hamner, CEO
Presentation: Hydrovolts, Inc.

Lumiette, Inc.

Technology: Lighting — flat panel lamps
Presenter: Noel Park, President and CEO
Presentation: Next Generation Light Source

Nano-C, Inc.

Technology: Photovoltaics - nanostructured carbon
Presenter: Viktor Vejins, President and CEO
Presentation: Materials That Power Our World - Nanostructured Carbon

NovaTorque, Inc.

Technology: Electric motor
Presenter: Emily Ligget, CEO
Presentation: Highly Efficient Electric Motor Systems

Paraclete Corporation

Technology: Solar — photovoltaics (PV) 
Presenter: Jeff Norris, President
Presentation: Paraclete Corporation

Rivertop Renewables

Technology: Renewable chemicals — glucaric acid  
Presenter: Jere Kolstad, Senior Executive
Presentation: Rivertop Renewables

WindPole Ventures, LLC

Technology: Wind - resource monitoring network
Presenter: Steve Kropper, CEO
Presentation: "The Bloomberg of Wind"

Widetronix, Inc.

Technology: Energy storage - betavoltaic batteries
Presenter: Jonathan W. Greene, CEO
Presentation: Betavoltaic Batteries: Long-Life Power for Defense and Medical Markets

Panels and Sessions

The 22nd Industry Growth Forum featured the following panel and session presentations.

Doing Business with NREL

Presenter: Casey Porto, NREL Senior VP of Commercialization and Deployment

Implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Presenter: Jim Spaeth, U.S. Department of Energy

Insights and Opportunities: Technologies, Policies, and Markets for Clean Energy Solutions

Presenter: Doug Arent, Director of NREL Strategic Energy Analysis Center

Looking for an Exit: Variations on M&As and IPOs

Presenters: Timothy J. Keating, Keating Capital; Shez Bandukwala, ThinkEquity; John M. Eustermann, Stoel Rives; and Robert G. O'Connor, Wilson Sonsini

NREL Science and Technology Perspectives on R&D Partnerships

Presenter: Ryne P. Raffaelle, NREL National Center for Photovoltaics

Preparing for a Game Change

Presenter: Alan Mawdsley, Bechtel Enterprises

SmartGridCity™ - Plugging Renewables into the Smart Grid

Presenter: Sandy Simon, Xcel Energy

Successful Financial Strategies in a Credit-Constrained World

Presenter: John McKenna, Hamilton Clark and Co.

Presenter: Maurice Gunderson, CMEA Capital

Utility-Scale Renewables: Renewable and Efficiency Technology Integration

Presenter: David Mooney, NREL Director of Electricity, Resources and Building Systems Integration

Working with NREL — Licensing Technologies and Collaborating on Commercialization

Presenter: Bill Farris, NREL VP of Commercialization and Technology Transfer