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21st Industry Growth Forum Presentations

Here you'll find presentations from NREL's 21st Industry Growth Forum on Oct. 28–30, 2008, in Denver, Colo. Presentations include those from:

Note: if a presentation isn't listed below, NREL hasn't received permission to post it, or the presenter doesn't want it posted.

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

For more information about the Forum, including its presenting companies, speakers, and panelists, read the:

You can also view photos from the event.

Presenting Companies

The following clean energy companies were competitively selected to present their business cases to a panel of investors and industry experts. In turn, the panels provided them with intensive feedback on their presentations.

Cobalt Biofuels

Technology: biobutanol
Presenter: Pamela R. Contag, CEO and president
Presentation: Cobalt Biofuels

Evolutionary Genomics—Best Early Venture of the Year 2nd Place Award Winner

Technology: biomass feedstock development
Presenter: Ginny Orndorff, president and CEO
Presentation: Breaking Biofuels Market Barriers by Increasing Yields of Biomass Feedstocks

LiquidPiston, Inc.

Technology: hybrid cycle engine
Presenter: Per Suneby, senior vice president of corporate development
Presentation: Introducing the High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle Engine

Marquis Wind Power

Technology: eight-blade, ducted fan wind turbine
Presenter: Paul A. Misso, president and CEO
Presentation: Distributed Wind Power Generation

MicroLink Devices

Technology: concentrating solar cells
Presenter: David S. McCallum, director of marketing
Presentation: MicroLink Devices

Porous Power™ Technologies—Best Early Venture of the Year 1st Place Award Winner

Technology: lithium-ion battery separators
Presenter: Timothy Feaver, president and CEO
Presentation: Improve Performance and Reduce Cost of Any Lithium-Ion Battery

QM Power

Technology: electric motors, generators, and actuators
Presenter: Patrick J. (PJ) Piper, founder and CEO
Presentation: Peak Power at Peak Efficiency

Trans Ionics, Corp.

Technology: separation process for biofuels development
Presenter: Robert C. Schucker, president and CEO
Presentation: A Novel Low-Energy Route to Ethanol Recovery

ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc.

Technology: biomass gasification
Presenter: Jonathan L. Parry, CEO
Presentation: Biomass to Energy Solutions


The following speakers gave presentations at the Industry Growth Forum.

Dan E. Arvizu, laboratory director of NREL

Presentation: A New Energy Economy – The Path Forward

Dale Gardner, NREL associate laboratory director

Presentation: Looking Ahead – Biofuels, H2, & Vehicles

Vinod Khosla, Vinod Ventures

Presentation: Renewable Energy: An Investment Perspective