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About Technology Transfer

Through technology partnerships, NREL seeks to reduce private sector risk and enable investment in the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The transfer of these technologies to the marketplace helps displace oil, reduce carbon emissions, and increase U.S. industry competitiveness. See a summary of our Fiscal Year 2015 technology partnership agreements.


NREL develops and implements technology partnerships based on the standards established by the following principles:

Balancing Public and Private Interest

Form partnerships that serve the public interest and advance U.S. Department of Energy goals. Demonstrate appropriate stewardship of publicly funded assets, yielding national benefits. Provide value to the commercial partner.

Focusing on Outcomes

Develop mutually beneficial collaborations through processes, which are timely, flexible, efficient, and compliant with requirements. Align actions with business outcomes.

Reflecting Core Values

Conduct technology partnership processes through professional practices, action, and a respect for duty. Align with the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, stewardship, and quality.

Creating Transparency

Make goals, processes, and the availability of intellectual assets transparent. Keep partners informed of decisions and the status of actions as agreements are developed.

Ensuring Confidentiality

Maintain deep respect for proprietary business information and data.

Seeking Continuous Improvement

Measure, monitor, and seek feedback about processes and outcomes. Use this information to improve processes and practices.