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U.S. Navy Site Screening

NREL worked with the U.S. Navy to prioritize their 70 worldwide installations for renewable energy projects opportunities. At high priority sites, the NREL team continues to provide technical expertise throughout the project development process.

Renewable Energy Optimization Tool

NREL's Renewable Energy Optimization (REopt) tool is an early screening tool that identifies and prioritizes renewable energy projects at a single site, or across a portfolio of sites in multiple cities, states, or countries, each with its own energy requirements, resources, goals, and constraints. REopt combines site, resource, cost, incentive, and financial data to:  

  • Identify the most cost-effective ways to meet agency energy goals by analyzing renewable energy resources, energy rates, and utility policies

  • Simultaneously model the hourly interactions of multiple thermal and electric renewable energy technologies, along with conventional energy sources

  • Provide a quick and low-cost method to identify the most economically and technically viable technologies for further study, including photovoltaics, solar hot water, solar ventilation preheating, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, combined heat and power (CHP), energy storage, ground source heat pumps, diesel and natural gas engine generators, and landfill gas.

Once the REopt analysis is complete, the tool provides a ranked list of renewable energy projects for different potential scenarios and identifies the technology sizes that meet the defined goals at minimum cost, along with the optimal deployment strategies. It also estimates capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, and life-cycle costs for the recommended renewable energy technology (or combination of technologies), as well as the levelized cost of energy for each.

Download NREL's Renewable Energy Optimization (REopt) Tool fact sheet or read the news story for more information.

Screening Analysis – Submit Data Here

If you are a client that has an agreement with NREL or FEMP to conduct a REopt pre-screening analysis of potential renewable energy opportunities, please download the Excel file, complete the fields, and email the file to Please use "Request for REopt Pre-Screening Analysis" in your subject line. We will get back to you within three business days to confirm receipt of data and discuss the schedule for analysis results.

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To learn more about using REopt for your project, contact Kate Anderson.