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Project Success Stories

NREL's technology deployment best practices, project support, and technical assistance, and technology acceleration activities are resulting in successful renewable energy and energy efficiency implementation in numerous locations.

  • A cropped photo of the world.

    More Than 70 Countries Turn to the Clean Energy Solutions Center for Policy Assistance

  • People wearing hard hats walking toward a solar decathlon organizer tent and the mountain range behind it with the sun rising in the distance.

    Solar Decathlon Prepares 1,000s of Students for the Clean-Energy Workforce

  • Photo of a Navy ship off the coast of Hawaii

    U.S. Navy Yielding Valuable Results in Hawaii and Guam

  • Aerial photo of the U.S. Virgin Islands

    U.S. Virgin Islands Cuts Diesel Use for Electricity and Water Production by 20%

  • Three beach houses on the New Jersey coast falling down as a result of hurricane Sandy.

    Disaster Recovery Support at FEMA Incorporates Sustainability in Rebuilding Efforts

  • Photo of a red house with solar panels on the roof and a big yellow flower in front.

    Portland, Oregon Grassroots Solarize Campaign Drives Down Solar Prices 30%

  • An aerial shot of the destroyed town of Greensburg after the tornado struck.

    Combined Energy Savings of $200,000 Per Year Achieved in Greensburg, Kansas

  • A solar heat map of a community from the new remote shading tool software

    Remote Shading Tool Has Potential to Reduce Solar Soft Costs by 17 Cents/Watt

  • Photo of two men installing solar panels on a home

    New DG Collaborative Brings Utilities and Energy Industry Professionals Together on Interconnection Issues

  • A man showing another man energy loss detected in a home with an infra-red camera.

    Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals Improves Quality of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

  • An aerial photograph of solar panels on the Cellhouse building on Alcatraz Island

    Fossil Fuel Dependency Falls from 100% to 56% on Alcatraz Island

  • A photo of a rooftop photovoltaic installation on the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe Administration Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Renewable Energy Project Helps Tribe Reduce Carbon Footprint by 20,000 Tons

  • A photo of military personnel standing at attention

    Net Zero and Energy Security Measures at Miramar Being Replicated Across the Military

  • A photo of a house in Kaupuni Village with solar panels on the roof

    Hawaii's First Net-Zero Energy Affordable Housing Community