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Technical Assistance Project Map

Through the Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT), NREL provides research to help stakeholders understand challenges and barriers to the development of solar markets at the state and local levels. The STAT project map highlights these technical assistance projects that have helped communities across the United States. Select a topic category or state to view technical assistance projects. The table below the map shows all the results in the selected category.

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Finance-related policy issues such as financial modeling of community solar programs, incentive programs, and policy review.
Reviews of solar programs and policy creation/adaptation such as net-metering policy, community solar programs, and consumer protection laws.
Technologies used in the solar market, resource characterizations, and feasibility studies such as solar-ready design and solar resource characterization.

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NREL offers various types of technical assistance to state and local governments.

Request Completed Date
Sub-Category TA Requested Results from TA
2011 Alabama Technology and Resources Solar Policy and Resource Characterization Technical Assistance Requested: To increase market penetration of PV in Alabama by reducing foundational information barriers at the commission level. Results: Provided a solar resource characterization and memo on policy and market barriers.
2013 Arizona Finance Technical Assistance Requested: Requests that NREL present an overview of the state of solar financing across the country and to discuss solar leasing vs. purchasing, including emerging trends. The presentation should also include strategies that will encourage more purchasing which will ultimately drive down costs. Results: NREL provided a webinar on financing strategies.
2011 Arizona Policy and Program Interconnection Policy Technical Assistance Requested: To assist Arizona with the development and implementation of interconnection rules that support the state solar PV market. Results: Development of a set of proposed interconnection rules, provided in a format that is acceptable to the Commission.
2011 Arkansas Technology and Resources Characterization of PV Resource Technical Assistance Requested: The intent of this project is to provide a thorough characterization of the PV resource available in the state of Arkansas, while also informing the Arkansas Public Service Commission of the various incentive mechanisms available for implementation. Results: Provided a solar resource characterization and memo on solar incentives.
2013 California Policy and Program Consumer Protection for PV System Workmanship Technical Assistance Requested: The California Energy Commission administers multiple incentive programs for consumers to install solar PV systems. Results: NREL staff will investigate standards required of other state incentive programs and will evaluate standards that provide adequate consumer protection.
2013 California Technology and Resources Technology Review Technical Assistance Requested: Assistance in reviewing rating and compliance standards for the CEC's Eligible Equipment List and processes for maintaining the list in coordination with other states. Results: In process
2013 Colorado Finance Technical Assistance Requested: Needs a proposal evaluation. The Denver Mayor's Office requests the participation of an NREL employee to provide technical assistance in the evaluation of proposals submitted through the Solar Benefits Colorado Round 2 RFP issued by Vote Solar on behalf of the ICLEI Energy Benefits program for the following employee organizations: City and County of Denver, Westminster, Boulder County, Aurora, and State of Colorado. Results: NREL provided technical assistance in evaluating proposals.
2013 Connecticut Policy and Program Solar Incentives Technical Assistance Requested: CEFIA requests NREL to review successful incentive structures for supporting markets such as Connecticut. This qualitative comparative analysis of several state and utility residential solar PV incentives is intended to be used for informational purposes as CEFIA revises its residential solar PV incentive structure. Results: NREL delivered a comparative analysis of residential solar PV Incentive programs to help inform a change in their residential PV incentive program.
2012 Delaware Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: Delaware PSC staff is formulating policy on whether inverters are accurate enough to fulfill the statutory requirement of "recorded by appropriate metering". They are seeking NREL advice to determine how to move forward. Results: NREL provided an analysis on the accuracy of inverters.
2012 Delaware Policy and Program SREC Procurement Technical Assistance Requested: The state would like information and policy options to develop a new Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) procurement process. Results: NREL delivered a white paper outlining options for SREC procurement processes that will draw on experiences in other states.
2012 Florida Policy and Program Permitting Support Technical Assistance Requested: The state would like to remove barriers to the PV market by developing and refining existing statewide policy on permitting. Their goal is to shorten permitting times and decrease the cost of permitting solar projects. Results: NREL delivered a report examining how current regulations are impacting the market along with suggestions on how to balance permitting costs with project economics. The report will draw on experiences from other states that have addressed permitting at the state level and managed cross-jurisdictional challenges of permitting
2013 Hawaii Finance Technical Assistance Requested: Assistance with possible RFP language & evaluation criteria that will allow county of Kauai to solicit PV procurement as either capital purchase or PPA based on best value once bids are evaluated. Need assistance with example contract language to address future uncertainty with state tax credit. Results: In process
2013 Hawaii Technology and Resources Technical Assistance Requested: High level technical and economic/financial advisory support to the Kauai Department of Water in evaluating solar energy and energy efficiency alternatives that are technically sound and financially viable, and evaluating potential alternatives for water system upgrades that will save the annual cost of the energy input currently required to run deep water wells. Results: In process
2012 Illinois Finance Technical Assistance Requested: NREL provided an expert to participate on the Chicago Department of Aviation's Evaluation Committee to provide technical input to the City of Chicago's RFP for ground mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities at O'Hare International Airport. After the RFP was revised, issued and responses received, the NREL expert provided officially review responses which educated the Evaluation Committee on the technology and energy production of each of the proposals. Results: In process
2013 Iowa Policy and Program Community Solar Technical Assistance Requested: Review of community solar for municipal utilities. Results: In process
2013 Iowa Policy and Program Virtual Net Metering Technical Assistance Requested: The Iowa Economic Development Authority wants to pass legislation that will enable solar PV installations to occur more readily throughout the state. This legislation includes the creation of a virtual net metering curriculum. Results: NREL staff hosted a webinar for Iowa and other stakeholders on virtual net metering.
2013 Kentucky Finance Technical Assistance Requested: Assist in analyzing whether third-party solar PV systems on schools are economically feasible, and to determine whether state should pursue third-party enabling legislation. Results: NREL provided analysis of third-party systems on schools.
2011 Kentucky Policy and Program PV Education Technical Assistance Requested: To increase market penetration of PV in Kentucky by developing an educational program for Kentucky regulators that facilitates a better understanding of the state's PV resource and the opportunities for integrating distributed generation onto the grid. Results: Provided a qualitative assessment of costs and benefits of PV in Kentucky.
2013 Kentucky Policy and Program Solar Deployment Models Technical Assistance Requested: Kentucky is studying the impact of carbon policy on the state's electricity portfolio and electricity price. Several scenarios will be run based on potential carbon policies to look at how they impact price of electricity. Results: In process
2012 Louisiana Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: The Louisiana PSC requests a subject expert to discuss increasing renewable energy at a PSC workshop. Results: NREL provided a technical presentation at the Louisiana Public Service Commission Workshop on December 4, 2012. The technical presentation discussed the increase of renewable energy projects that are integrated into the grid.
2012 Maryland Policy and Program Community Solar Technical Assistance Requested: 1) The state would like to develop a model for community solar that considers Maryland specific context issues. 2) Long-term SREC price stabilization. The state would like to develop a long term SREC market while avoiding the common pitfalls heard about from other states. 3) PV project pipeline to forecast SREC prices. The state would like to develop a framework for tracking PV projects to increase transparency in the marketplace and stabilize SREC prices. Results: 1) NREL delivered a report on a working model for community solar using MD specific data and including recommendations for net metering policy/rule refinement. 2) NREL delivered a white paper on Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) price stabilization including impacts of SREC prices on the state's solar market white paper will be delivered in time for inclusion in the state's net metering working group report to the PSC. 3) NREL delivered a memo with recommendations for creating a pipeline for registering PV projects.
2011 Maryland Technology and Resources Platform for Incentive Applications Technical Assistance Requested: To streamline and modernize the PV incentive application systems currently in place at the Maryland Public Service Commission, Delaware Public Service Commission, and District of Columbia Public Service Commission. Results: Developed a basic application that can be altered to meet the exact needs of each state.
2012 Massachusetts Technology and Resources Interconnection Technical Issues Technical Assistance Requested: The state would like to address technical interconnection issues to make the process streamlined, transparent and uniform in meeting the RPS goals for distributed generation. Due to the state's aggressive incentives, utilities are struggling to meet interconnection timelines in the existing rules. Results: NREL delivered a presentation to the technical subcommittee explaining the technical issues identified for interconnection with recommendations of how to address technical barriers.
2013 Michigan Finance Community Solar Technical Assistance Requested: The Michigan PSC is assisting the State of Michigan Energy Office in producing a Community Solar Gardens Feasibility Study. The PSC is seeking assistance in modeling financial values for the various community solar models including tax credit utilization, accelerated depreciation, renewable energy credits, construction and maintenance costs and billing/crediting options. Results: NREL staff provided financial modeling assistance for community solar projects in Michigan including, selection of appropriate NREL tools for the analysis and running models with data provided by the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.
2011 Michigan Policy and Program Solar Policy Technical Assistance Requested: To facilitate market penetration of PV in Michigan by reducing information and policy-related barriers to development. Results: Provided a solar resource characterization and memo on policy and market barriers.
2013 Michigan Policy and Program Home Rule Issues in PV Market Development Technical Assistance Requested: Michigan is a home rule state and every community must develop its own solar standards. Results: NREL will write a white paper on home rule issues in PV market development.
2013 Minnesota Policy and Program Policy Review Technical Assistance Requested: To determine effective load carrying capacity, interconnection, and standby rates. Results: In process
2013 Missouri Policy and Program Community Solar Technical Assistance Requested: Support and analysis for creating a community solar program. Results: In process
2011 Montana Policy and Program PV Resource Characterization and Market Incentives Technical Assistance Requested: To facilitate increased market penetration of PV in Montana by reducing foundational information barriers, such as, PV resource availability and market incentive structures. Results: Provided a solar resource characterization and memo on policy and market barriers.
2013 Montana Technology and Resources Technical Assistance Requested: A Montana Senator requests a subject matter expert to attend the National Center for Appropriate Technology in Butte, Montana, to make a "Solar Ready Design " presentation at the Montana Renewable Energy Association's Renewable Energy Fair on July 20, 2013. Results: Presentation on solar ready design was given by NREL employees.
2013 Montana Technology and Resources Technical Assistance Requested: Provide in-person training for code officials and electrical inspectors on permitting and code compliance for PV system installations. Results: Gave presentation on electrical code and permitting.
2013 Nebraska Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: 1) Analysis of PV financial incentives solar programs for the State Energy Office (SEO). The SEO wants to foster the development of consumer solar markets and to create a solar friendly policy structure. 2) Analysis of PV financial incentives. Nebraska has a state energy loan program but mostly funds wind projects. The SEO wants to examine how to structure state energy incentives and loans for consumers and utilities. Results: 1) NREL will write a three part white paper on innovative solar utility programs for non-regulated utilities specific to load demand in Nebraska, state policy options to develop consumer solar market, and a review of the current solar incentives and options on restructuring the incentives. 2) NREL staff will conduct an in-person presentation to utility and legislative stakeholders will in conjunction with a joint SEO/utility workgroup meeting. The focus of the presentation will be on utility options for solar development.
2013 New Jersey Technology and Resources Technical Assistance Requested: Feasibility study of brownfield site - assistance is needed for the PV Solar Feasibility Study for the former Camden, NJ landfill site. An initial request was made for assistance in drafting a Request for Proposal to build the solar panel field, and further assistance is needed to complete the full feasibility study. Results: In process
2012 New York Finance Incentive Program and Policy Review Technical Assistance Requested: The state would like to assure that its solar PV incentive programs (a standard offer incentive for systems up to 50KW and a competitive bidding performance program for larger systems) are designed and structured to meet the solar deployment goals outlined in the New York Solar Study and to reach all segments of the market. Results: NREL delivered a white paper including a comparative qualitative analysis of solar incentives in New York and other states and identified policy stacking opportunities to expand the solar market.
2011 New York Policy and Program Impacts of PV Technical Assistance Requested: Support for several initiatives in New York to determine the impacts of solar PV variability on project development. This project will facilitate an increased understanding of the impacts of PV variability and the dissemination of this knowledge in a location that is working toward increased PV in densely populated areas. Results: Provided technical review of NYSERDA tool and created webinar on Net Metering Effect on Customer Bills.
2013 North Carolina Policy and Program Interconnection Technical Assistance Requested: To understand interconnection to address distributed generation. Results: In process
2013 Ohio Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: To review the Orange Village Ordinance 2013-15 Solar Panel Provision of the zoning code. Results: In process
2013 Ohio Policy and Program Solar Policy Technical Assistance Requested: The city of Cleveland is seeking assistance in developing solar policies and programs to incorporate in the city's Climate Action Plan to accelerate the solar market in Northeast Ohio. Results: The appropriate city of Cleveland staff and stakeholders are asked to view the series of six solar policy webinars that NREL has developed as educational tools in developing state and local solar markets. Upon completion of these webinars, NREL will conduct a live Q&A session with subject matters experts to address Cleveland's specific questions.
2012 Oregon Policy and Program Net Metering Technical Assistance Requested: The state would like to evaluate variation among net metering provisions in its 40 utility service territories. It is seeking a high-level understanding of net metering as currently implemented, what opportunities for standardization exist, and proximity to statutorily-defined capacity limits for net metering. Results: NREL delivered a white paper analyzing collected data on net metering provisions and considering regulatory frameworks for the next policy steps in net metering and best practices in designing virtual net metering within the context of Oregon's metering law.
2012 Utah Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: Expanding Utah's solar market – policy options and economic benefits. The state would like to broaden markets for solar adoption by exploring a suite of policies the state might consider, including expanding power purchase agreements and enabling commercial PACE programs. Results: NREL delivered a White paper: Policy Options and Economic Benefits
2013 West Virginia Finance Technical Assistance Requested: The City of Ranson, WV, in its role as member of Climate Communities, request that an NREL subject matter expert make a presentation to a national coalition of local governments on their role in assisting and advancing solar energy projects in their communities. Results: Technical presentation was given.
2011 Wisconsin Policy and Program Technical Assistance Requested: The Wisconsin Public Service Commission requested assistance in identifying the role of Wisconsin utilities in increasing PV market penetration. Specifically, the commission has requested technical assistance integrating an existing WI PUC project, in which multiple working groups have identified the technical and economic barriers to PV in Wisconsin, with the outcome of an upcoming working group to identify and cost different policy option. Results: NREL provided technical review and participated in policy working groups.