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Webinar Archives

Find presentations and supporting materials from past webinars—sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Technical Assistance Program and Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers project— for state and local officials. For browsing, use the table below to sort them by date, topic, or title. You can also search the table.

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12/05/12 Policy Strategic Sequencing for State Distributed PV Policies: A Quantitative Analysis of Policy Impacts and Interactions
11/20/12 District heating, geothermal heat pumps District Heating with Renewable Energy
10/16/12 Energy efficiency buildings and planning Net-Zero-Energy Communities
09/18/12 Wind energy, EERE Community Renewable Energy Success Stories Wind Energy in Urban Environments
08/21/12 Financing, EERE Community Renewable Energy Success Stories Financing Renewable Energy Projects
07/17/12 Landfill gas, EERE Community Renewable Energy Success Stories Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Projects
02/22/11 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Efficient Residential Water Heaters
01/25/11 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Photovoltaics for Residential Buildings
01/11/11 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Community-Based Social Marketing for Weatherization Programs
12/14/10 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Retrofits
11/30/10 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Passive Solar Building Design and Solar Thermal Space Heating
11/16/10 Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Solar Water Heating
07/28/11 Energy Efficiency Programs for Changing Energy Behavior
06/23/11 Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Geothermal Heat Pumps
05/25/11 Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Energy Conservation Modeling for Weatherization
05/12/11 Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Community Energy Strategic Planning and the CESP Academy
04/27/11 Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Energy Conservation Modeling for Weatherization
03/23/11 Renewable Energy Technology Deployment Developing Low-Interest Retrofit Loan Programs for the Multifamily Sector Webinar
02/23/11Renewable Energy Technology DeploymentOptimizing Solar Installations — Tools and Strategies Webinar
1/26/11Renewable Energy Technology DeploymentCommunity Renewables: Wind, Solar, and Model Program Rules
11/17/10PolicyState of the States 2010: Quantifying the Impact of State Policies in Clean Energy Development
10/27/10Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
Using RETScreen To Identify the Most Promising Clean Energy Projects
9/29/10Energy EfficiencyDriving Demand for Home Energy Improvements: Lessons from the Field
8/25/10Energy EfficiencyLessons Learned from Energy Efficiency Lighting Programs
7/28/10Energy EfficiencyTools and Resources for Petroleum Reduction in the Transportation Sector
6/30/10FinancingRFP 101: The Basics of the Procurement Process
5/26/10Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
Web Mapping and Online GIS Applications for Renewable Energy
4/28/10Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
Midsize Wind Turbines for the U.S. Community Wind Market
3/24/10Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
PV tools on the Web: In My Backyard and the Open PV Mapping Project
1/27/10 SustainabilityStrategic Energy and Sustainability Planning in El Paso, Texas
12/16/09FinancingIntroduction to Energy Performance Contracting
11/18/09PolicyState of the States 2009: Renewable Energy Development and the Role of Policy
10/28/09PolicyFeed-in Tariffs: Best Practices and Application in the U.S.
8/26/09FinancingRevolving Loan Funds: Basics and Best Practices
7/29/09Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
How to Estimate the Economic Impacts from Renewable Energy
6/24/09FinancingLow-Cost Financing with Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
5/27/09FinancingThird Party Financing and Power Purchasing Agreements for Public Sector PV Projects
4/22/09Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
Taking It from Brown to Green: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Lands
2/18/09 PolicyState Clean Energy Scorecard: Renewable Energy Performance and Policy Rankings
12/17/08 Green BuildingsState Policies to Encourage and Require Green Building Principles in the Public Sector
10/22/08Energy EfficiencyOpportunities for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
8/13/08FinancingSolar Photovoltaic Financing
7/17/08PolicyEnergy and Air Quality
4/16/08PolicyA Look Behind the Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard
2/13/08Renewable Energy
Technology Deployment
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai'i Authority Creates the Green Energy Zone