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Geothermal Heat Pumps

June 23, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) for state and local officials presented a Webinar June 23, 2011 about geothermal heat pumps, which are one of the fastest growing supplications of renewable energy in the world today. In addition to describing different system configurations, including horizontal trenches, vertical holes, as well as open loops that use well or lake water, the presentations outlined steps for implementing geothermal policy and provided links to helpful resources.

As further context for this energy source, there was a section of the Webinar that discussed the successful integration of geothermal systems into large municipal buildings in Eagen, Minnesota. City administrators and contractors who worked to implement these geothermal systems explained how they accomplished the work in approximately six months, with no down time to the city buildings and the people who use them.


This webinar featured two presentations:


Listen to the recorded webcast. Download Windows Media Player or iTunes. Read the transcript from the webcast.

About the Presenters

  • John Lund works for NREL in their Low Temperature Geothermal Program. He is the former Director of the Geo-Heat Center at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) and has worked in the direct utilization of geothermal energy for over 35 years.
  • Katherine Young is a senior analyst at NREL, where she focuses on renewable energy technology performance and economics.
  • Cherryl Mesko is the superintendent of operations for the City of Eagan, in Eagan, Minnesota. She oversees the city's three enterprise facilities: the Civic Arena, Cascade Bay, and the Eagan Community Center. In addition, she shares oversight of the government's buildings division, and has managed multiple construction projects as well as developed and supervised operational models to ensure the projects' financial sustainability.
  • Keela Bakken manages the Energy Services Division for Harris Companies—a job that encompasses marketing, project development and implementation, and measuring and verifying work on a project's completion.
  • Steve Lutz is the general manager of TRAK International, the company responsible for the design, manufacturing, and implementation of the City of Eagan's geothermal heat pump systems. He has worked with a number of similar ice arena projects, and other vertical markets using this technology.
  • Mark Vaughan is the campus facilities manager for the City of Eagan. He manages the city's two sheets of ice as well as the adjoining Cascade Bay outdoor water park.

Background Information

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