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Energy Conservation Modeling for Weatherization

April 27, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) was scheduled to present a Webinar titled Energy Conservation Modeling for Weatherization on April 27, 2011. During this Webinar, the presenter was to address models for energy savings for commercial buildings, and how these tools can also apply to multifamily housing. Unfortunately, due to extreme and dangerous weather conditions, the Webinar was not able to go on as scheduled.

For more information about modeling and energy estimation used in energy conservation measures, please see the PowerPoint presentation posted below.


This webinar was scheduled to feature one presentation:

About the Presenter

  • Ed Pierce is part of the senior research and development staff in the Energy and Transportation Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. With more than 35 years of mechanical engineering experience in thermal analysis, energy analysis, CHP system analysis, energy auditing, and HVAC and energy system engineering, he is an expert in conceptual feasibility studies, project development, system design, system performance, and project economic analysis.