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Developing Low-Interest Retrofit Loan Programs for the Multifamily Sector Webinar

March 23, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) presented a Webinar titled Developing Low-Interest Retrofit Loan Programs for the Multifamily Sector on March 23, 2011. In this Webinar, analysts discussed creating low-interest loan programs for the multifamily affordable housing sector. They also provided information about a ratepayer funded on-bill repayment program, a complementary 2009 Recovery Act-funded pilot program for low-income properties, and a low-interest pilot program that serves borrowers investing in affordable housing.

Additionally, presenters discussed the vast need for providing energy upgrades to aging multifamily properties and offered information about selecting auditing firms and contractors, marketing a multifamily program to property owners, and verifying that tenants receive the energy savings and benefits that result from this sort of retrofit.


This webinar featured two presentations:


Listen to the recorded Webinar (MP3 13 MB). Download Windows Media Player or iTunes. Read the transcript from the Webinar.

About the Presenters

  • Claire Kreycik, an energy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, analyzes various financial models and policies that aid in the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency. She also studies compliance markets for renewable electricity, with a focus on the mechanisms that load-serving entities use to procure renewable electricity.
  • Ryanne Shuey serves as council to the PHFA, where she primarily focuses on the financing of multifamily developments. Her expertise is in the areas of low income, historic and new markets tax credits, as well structuring energy improvement financings.