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Webinar – Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements: Lessons from the Field

September 29, 2010

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Technical Assistance Project for state and local officials, this Webinar explored strategies that can be used to increase the adoption of comprehensive home energy upgrades.



Listen to the recorded Webinar (MP3 13 MB). Download Windows Media Player or iTunes. The text version of the audio will be posted shortly.

About the Presenters

There were two presenters at this Webinar:

  • Merrian Fuller – a principle research associate at LBNL, where her work focuses on the financing and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy and workforce development opportunities in these sectors. Fuller is a member of the DOE Financial Technical Assistance Team, which provides assistance to cities and states deploying projects with Recovery Act funds.

  • Carl Nelson – program and policy manager at CEE in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nelson has nearly 15 years experience in sustainable energy development and coordinates the CEE Community Energy Services program. Nelson's work supports to maintain Minnesota's strong energy efficiency policies.

Background Materials

Read the report titled Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements on the LBNL Web site.