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Webinar – Web Mapping and Online GIS Applications for Renewable Energy

May 26, 2010

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Technical Assistance Project for state and local officials, this Webinar discussed how to use NREL's online data, maps, and applications for applying renewable energy technologies.


Web Mapping and Online GIS Applications for Renewable Energy
By Ted Quinby and Dan Getman, GIS applications developers at NREL


Listen to the recorded Webinar (MP3 13.3 MB). Download Windows Media Player or iTunes. The text version of the audio will be posted shortly.

About the Presenters

There were two presenters at this Webinar.

  • Dan Getman is a systems architect with the Data Analysis and Visualization Group at NREL. Getman's expertise includes the analysis and visualization of spatial and temporal data and design and development of analysis driven applications in support of a federal, state, and local agencies.

  • Ted Quinby works as a GIS application developer at NREL, where his work focuses on the application of innovative mapping and visualization tools to promote the use of renewable energy technologies.

Background Materials

You will find most of the tools to be discussed on the Technology Analysis Models and Tools section of the NREL Web site for the following technologies: