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Webinar – Midsize Wind Turbines for the U.S. Community Wind Market

April 28, 2010

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Technical Assistance Project for state and local officials, this Webinar presented an overview on the U.S. market for midsize wind turbines.


Midsize Wind Turbines for the U.S. Community Wind Market
By NREL Senior Project Leader Trudy Forsyth.

About the Presenter

Trudy Forsyth has been a senior project leader NREL since 1994, where she leads a variety of national and international projects focusing on small and midsized wind turbines. Forsyth is the NREL liaison with the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Small Wind Turbine Committee, which wrote and published the AWEA Small Wind Turbine Industry Roadmap, a multi-year strategy for the small wind industry. She has been recognized by a NREL Staff Award in 2003 and Interstate Renewable Energy Council Special Recognition award in 2005. Read more about her background.

Background Materials

The Midsize Wind Turbine Project at NREL aims to develop new wind turbines that can be readily manufactured domestically through a process called value engineering. This process involves improving an existing wind turbine design to quickly produce specifications for manufacturing. You can read more about this process in the following reports published at NREL and which are available in PDF format.