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Survey of Local Governments on Clean Energy Policy Development

NREL sent a questionnaire in 2010 to 54 local government officials to better understand the status and impact of local clean energy policies. The following main points summarize the survey's results:

  • Local government officials, departments, and community members are the main people and/or organizations that drive the adoption of clean energy policy at the local level.
  • Clean energy options are typically framed as a way to reduce energy-related costs and to mitigate climate change.
  • The major barrier to the adoption of clean energy continues to be related to cost. Local governments rely on offering financial incentives to address this barrier.
  • There is substantial interaction between local governments on clean energy policy development. The interaction with state governments varies greatly. Only a few local governments are interacting frequently with their state governments.

For more information on the survey's results and methodology, see the full report, Clean Energy Policy Analyses: Analysis of the Status and Impact on Clean Energy Policies at the Local Level.