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Opportunities to Build a Clean Energy Economy in U.S. Southeast

According to NREL's Southeast Regional Clean Energy Policy Analysis, there are opportunities to expand energy efficiency and renewable energy development in the region. Specific opportunities include:

  • Supporting the early stages of a biomass market by:
    • Encouraging cofiring in existing coal power plants
    • Encouraging growth of dedicated biomass crops on Conservation Reserve Program lands or marginal lands
    • Coordinating with university extensions
  • Decoupling utility revenue from sales and placing market value on utility efficiency programs
  • Providing favorable markets for third-party power producers through improved net-metering and interconnection standards
  • Strengthening government leadership through increased demonstration of energy efficiency and renewable energy in public buildings
  • Aligning the interests of manufacturers/builders with those of customers through updated appliance efficiency standards and building codes
  • Developing incremental and small hydroelectric resources through incentives for utilities and small power producers
  • Increasing use of solar water heating through tax credits and rebates.

More Information

For more information, see the full report, Southeast Regional Clean Energy Policy Analysis.