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Influences on Local Clean Energy Policy Development

An NREL analysis finds that state clean energy policies, local climate change mitigation policies, and energy costs can influence local clean energy policy development. These findings help to better understand the status and impact of clean energy policies at the local level.

State Clean Energy Policies

Key findings on the influence of state clean energy policies on local clean energy policy include:

  • States are developing markets conducive to clean energy through implementation of market transforming policies.
  • Local governments implementing clean energy policies tend to be in states with renewable energy market transformation policies.
  • Further research is necessary to understand the influences state clean energy policies on local policy development and vice versa.

Climate Change Mitigation Policies

Regarding the relationship between local climate change mitigation policies and local clean energy policy development, key findings include:

  • Localities in states that support clean energy policy may be more likely to develop local climate policy.
  • Substantial analysis of state clean energy policies and local climate change initiatives exists.  However, there hasn’t been a comprehensive analysis focusing only on local clean energy policies.

Energy Costs

Key findings on the influence of energy costs on local clean energy policy development include:

  • As a result of increased and volatile energy costs, city governments are implementing strategies to reduce energy use.
  • Local governments focus more on reducing transportation-related energy use than reducing electricity use or generating electricity from renewable sources. 

More Information

For more information, see the full report, Clean Energy Policy Analyses: Analysis of the Status and Impact on Clean Energy Policies at the Local Level.

As policies change frequently, please see the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) for information on the policies that currently exist in your state or locality. DSIRE only tracks a limited number of local policies, but it tracks more than any other program or organization.