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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Disaster Resiliency and Recovery

NREL's comprehensive disaster resiliency and recovery program addresses a broad range of energy solutions, including:

  • Whole-community planning
  • Long-term vulnerability reduction
  • Economic recovery
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Grid analysis
  • Policy, financing, and partnership development
  • Education, training, and outreach.

Project Examples

We provide technical expertise, tools, and innovations to private industry, government, non-profits, and communities to address the energy-related considerations of disaster prevention and planning, response and recovery, and rebuilding.

a woman leads a group of people through a hall with a wind turbine visible through the wall of windows

Greensburg, Kansas

After a tornado destroyed or damaged 95% of Greensburg in 2007, NREL worked with key stakeholders to identify the best energy efficient and renewable energy solutions to help the town rebuild as a model green community. To date, Greensburg has the highest concentration of U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certified buildings in the United States. Learn more.

photo of solar photovoltaic panels installed at an elementary school

New Orleans, Louisiana

As part of New Orleans' rebuilding efforts after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the Department of Energy provided funding to NREL to help the city incorporate energy efficiency techniques into its rebuilding efforts of K-12 schools. Learn more.

a photo of two beach houses with significant hurricane damage

New York and New Jersey

After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in 2012, NREL was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate key players and provide expertise and assistance in incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency into rebuilding efforts. Learn more.

An aerial photo of installed photovoltaic panels

American Samoa

NREL is working with American Samoa to identify an integrated approach to incorporating clean energy technologies, policies, and programs into rebuilding efforts after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the island in 2009.

Photo of destroyed buildings surrounded by rubble


With two regions affected by earthquakes, NREL is assisting Haiti with finding ways to reduce the cost of fuel used to generate electricity while managing the fluctuations in energy costs for residents.

Contact us

For more information about how NREL can help with disaster resiliency and recovery, contact Eliza Hotchkiss.