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Research Support Facility Photos (Text Version)

Here are photos of the Research Support Facility (RSF).

An aerial photo with buildings and homes in the foreground, green hills in the background and blue sky above.

The RSF is NREL's newest sustainable building on its permanent campus in Golden, Colorado.
Credit: Pat Corkery

Photo of an office building with two large wings on either side of a courtyard entryway and a tiled roadway in the foreground.

The 222,000 sq. ft. RSF achieved the LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Buildings Council.
Credit: Dennis Schroeder

Three construction workers holding long photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the RSF rooftop that will help offset the energy used in the building.
Credit: Dennis Schroeder

Photo of a side of a building with many windows surrounded by a metallic structure.

Outside air is passively preheated via transpired solar collector (a technology developed by NREL) on the RSF's south facing wall, which is just one of many energy-efficient features of the building.
Credit: Pat Corkery

Photo of a sun-lit lobby with a wood wall on the left, a woman behind a counter,  and windows and steel columns on the right.

Many materials used in the RSF contain recycled content or come from within 500 miles of the site, including lobby walls made from pine beetle kill wood, counters made from sunflower seeds, and structural steel columns made from reclaimed gas pipes.
Credit: Dennis Schroeder